Friday, March 12, 2010

Our mighty hunter!

Ever since we dug our pond we have observed a greater intensity of wildlife in our back property. Our first hint of this development was the midnight saga that Josiah and Faith read in the snow, of how a muskrat waddled into our garden stalked by the ferocious and wily mink, who eventually killed the muskrat and dragged him away to his lair. We thought therefore we were rid of the muskrat that had been reeking havoc to the banks of our streams (even though we did not relish the thought of having a blood thirsty mink near by), this wishful thought was dismissed however when Josiah found paw prints of more muskrat, wandering around the pond. This muskrat also had to be disposed of, and this is how it came about. You see Josiah's favorite pastime is to be outback in Gods creation, usually with his new hatchet hanging from his belt. So this particular afternoon he was out back around the stream when he heard a rustling sound. He turned to see a muskrat waddling straight towards him. Josiah jumped forward and pinned the creature to the ground with his hatchet handle.

Then he got our attention in the house and asked for our rifle. Dad quickly ran out with the requested gun.

Baby watched with intent interest as they took the muskrat out back and shot it.

One more dead muskrat on our property.
A couple of days later my sisters and I returned home to our mighty hunter once more. Josiah informed us upon our arrival that he had shot an opossum.

The chicken protector with his quarry. We are very grateful for our one boy at home, and how he keeps our animals and property safe.