Saturday, January 02, 2016

Let it Snow

It's no secret that I love snow. And while it was wonderful to be able to accomplish so much in December with the milder weather and no snow to wade through, I was very much hoping for some soon. A white New Years perhaps? Well in anticipation we pulled out our paper, some little scissors and some creativity to make our own snowstorm inside.  

For some we used the already created templates that we had found years ago and enjoyed ever since, but some of us have discovered the joys of creating your own snowflake patterns with animals and items making up the snowflake.  

{Whistle while you work!}
Faith is probably the best at this, and has made Daffodil, Hummingbird, Gardening, and Moose themed snowflakes to name a few, in the past.  

This year she made an Owl snowflake, one with little Log Cabins, and...

One special requested from Charity - A Chicken Snow flake. :)

After a couple failed attempts, (I somehow managed to create a Square snowflake.. and then a Triangle one.... ) I came up with this Tea Party themed one. 

 And for my last and way too detailed one, I did a forest, animal, tree, bird.. I'm not quite sure what exactly... Snowflake. (if you look closely, there is a Cardinal, and Robin in the "tree" and some Squirrels, and a Wood pecker as well as an unidentified eagle type creature.. and possibly a "nest"?... Use your imagination!)

Thankfully, we didn't have to rely solely on our paper flakes for snow! I was very happy to have a rather lovely snowy New Years!! Which I will be sure to share with you next!