Saturday, April 02, 2005

Presenting the Hats!!! Posted by Hello

Hilarious Hats!

What do you get when you put a lot of household odds and ends and a group of somewhat humorous people together, and tell them to make a hat? Well, when our family did just that at a friends house, we had an enormously hilarious and fun time, that will not be soon forgotten.
We and two other family's got together recently at the Bezeaus (one of the family's) house, for a good time of fellowship and fun. After stuffing us with pizza so we were to slow to realize what she was going to do to us, Mrs. Bezeau introduced to us "the hat game". She split us into 5 teams of 4 and gave each team a bag. In the bags were an assortment of items, from baskets and buckets to flowers and badminton birdies. Each team was to use the things in their bags to make a hat. Bursts of laughter came from the teams as they formed the hats out of the interesting and sometimes outlandish material. When Mrs. Bezeau finally called "time up," the five teams, each with one of their members wearing their creation, filed into the family room.
Amid giggles, snorts and some less discreet forms of mirth, the hat wearer for each team took a seat and the contest began. Each team in turn stood up and a presentation was given by another team member.
Team 1 had a widow whose husband had just recently died in the war. She wore on her hat different memorabilia of her late spouse along with the black veil of mourning.
Team 2's contestant after being introduced by a teammate, lifted his veil, which he said was for keeping off bugs and gave an entertaining and lively presentation of his hat. (yes, that is right, he was wearing a veil =) ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies about who he is.) Anyway, the "French man" rattled of a heated presentation of the many attributes of his "Tropical hat extraordinaire". Another added attraction for team 2 was that all the other team members also wore small hats, acting as the French mans "assistants."
Team 3 brought on a lot of laughter for a top heavy flower girl who sold flowers from her hat while being accompanied by her pet parrot.
The room erupted as team 4 stepped forward. This specimen was a sailor who lived in the ocean all the time ( or so his presenter said) and enjoyed fishing and swimming, of course. Sunglasses, latex gloves, and a donut for an earring were only some of this fellows outlandish accouterments. While for any other needs he had a handy tool that could be used for eating, fixing his ship, and really anything else.
Probably the least weird of the contestants, team 5's was a fashion model, showing off the newest style in ladies hats. In the words of team 5's presenter. "A must have for stylish mature ladies".
So now it was time for judging. The three areas to vote on were: 1. Best looking or best made hat. 2. best presentation. and 3. least likely to be a hat fashioner. The audience was to applaud for their favorite one, as the contestant stood up. The contestant getting the loudest clapping won. The first category was a very tight race. It took five times to decide for this category, and even then it was a tie between team 1 and team 5 for first place. The presentation category was a thunderous (literally) victory for team 2, team 4 was a distant second. Teams 4 got revenge in the last category, taking a blowout win over team 2 who was a far off second.
So ended an extremely enjoyable game that gave everyone involved a good dosage of the joyful heart medicine.
John Baptiste III

P.S. Beware! Anyone who our family invites over in the near future better watch out. We now have an excellent, fun way to embarrass you.