Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Week at Camp

For the past 2 years, on the second week of June, Faith has accompanied three of our friends, the Thompsons, to Camp Living Waters in Luther MI, to volunteer for the Special Week that they hold.  This year the Thompsons were, for various reasons, unable to attend, and it worked out that both Faith and I were able to go together!   The week was memorable in so many ways, and we were so blessed to be able to spend it with such precious people, as well as being able to work with horses at the ranch.  I had a hard time selecting "a-few" photos from the week, so this post is picture-full, and long.  I hope you enjoy these "snap-shots" from our week at camp.
{Cabin row, including Aspen, the Cabin where Faith slept for the week}

The camp is set on 100 gorgeous acres including a large lake, and the property is full of beautiful wild life.

Faith gave me a tour on Sunday when I arrived (the campers weren't scheduled to come till Monday), and of course the ranch was one of the places we visited.

{Pretty Chino}

{Apache was so Handsome!}

{Sailor, a new horse}

{Steps down to Lake Stewart}

{Chapel/Worship time in the Lodge}

Originally Faith and I were both supposed to help out in Chickadee, but things changed, and Faith moved over to Aspen.  We both had wonderful Counselors in our cabins who we enjoyed helping.

The theme for camp this year was "Unchained"... and the theme song, "There is Power in the Name of Jesus to Break every Chain".

The campers all arrived Monday afternoon, and the rest of the day was spent in meeting everyone, having hugs all around, getting them all settled, and just hanging out.

{Joanie and I}

That night we had "Carnival", which included bowling, bean bag toss, fishing, and the campers favorite, where if they made a basket they got to dump a cup of cold water on their counselor of choice! :)

Before we went to bed we had a wonderful song time around the camp fire.

{Scout the "ranch dog"}

Tuesday morning found us down at the barn after breakfast getting ready for the rides of the day.

We had 2 groups of campers come down, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and in-between we got to ride to help exercise the horses, as well as allow Judy (who ran the ranch) to teach the "wranglers" for the rest of the summer. Of course, since I was on a horse (or helping out with the campers) I don't have any photos of the actual rides. 

Not all of the campers rode, but they loved to pet the horses, and we also had baby bunnies for them to pet and hold.

{Coloring, one of the favorite activities}

{Another favorite craft, making bracelets}

{Jeff and Judy an amazing Christian couple who put SO much into Camp Living Waters}

Wednesday night was "the Birthday Party," where we celebrated everyone's birthdays in one fell swoop.  There were Pinatas, and face painting, bowling, and cake for snack.  One of my favorite nights. 

{Bambi, one of the horses}

{Faith and a soft squishy bunny!}

Thursday night was the Talent Show.  We had everything from singing, to dancing, speech making, favorite people lists.... the works!

The saddest day of the week had to be Friday, the day everyone went home.  The morning was overflowing with packing, hugs, tears, more hugs, and good byes.

That was Faith and my past week in a nutshell.  It was a truly amazing week and I definitely wouldn't be  adverse to returning next year if God wills it! :)