Thursday, December 05, 2013

Behold the Man

It was a few weeks ago, when I sat in church endeavoring to follow the sermon Dad was preaching, when one phrase (actually the title of the sermon) caught and held my attention.  He was speaking on the passion of Christ, in particular the time when Jesus is before Pilate.  And Pilate part in derision, took Him out before the Jews and declared "Behold the Man!" The phrase caught my eye and I decided to attempt to write a poem featuring the statement.  Well I tried, and tried, and failed... miserably.

So, I called in reinforcements.  Daddy is the most amazing poet ever.  So I went to Dad and gave him the phrase and asked him if he could make anything with it.

This is the result.

Behold the Man

Behold the Man, the Second Adam
who lived a life so perfectly,
That the measure of His righteousness
might come to you and me!

Behold the Man, the true Messiah
who came to be our sacrifice,
bearing all our sins and sorrows
to pay redemption's awful price!

Behold the Man, the King of Glory,
enduring wrath for you and me,
So we'd escape the Father's judgment
and reign with Him eternally!