Friday, July 08, 2011

The Fourth - Part Two

The evening of the fourth brought another of our annual Independence day celebrations. With wonderful food fellowship singing and plenty of games and fun.

Before Supper all the little children flocked to the garden to pick some of our late strawberries. Mmmmm!

Meanwhile some of the guys got together an impromptu game of volleyball.

After we had finish partaking of a sumptuous repast, we started our games with some fun rounds of Water-balloon Volleyball. The grown ups played around the volleyball net, while Faith led the little ones with pillow cases instead of sheets, across the badminton net.

Align LeftWhile the children were finishing up their game of water balloon we jumped into a quick round of Parachute, soon joined by the little ones for a romping good time of popcorn and all sorts of fun parachute games.
Ready... Set... Go!!!

Then came my favorite of all the events. Three Legged race!!!

Go Go GO!!!

(Thanks to Timothy Bryson for the three legged race photos, as I of course had to be in it:)

Some people didn't quite start off on the right foot, and as shown in the previous photo, some landed on the wrong one;) But no one was injured and everyone that participated had plenty of laughter and fun.

As the evening wore on we took a break for patriotic dessert before finishing up with one last game: a nature scavenger hunt in our back property.

Our delightful day was wound up with singing and a round of fireworks done by Josiah! Fellowship with the believers is indeed sweet, and we enjoyed lots of it on the fourth.