Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day... a day we will remember

Monday afternoon found the Sauve and Bryson families enjoying time together as we talked, played games, ate food and celebrated Timothy's birthday! Table tennis, badminton and croquet were on the agenda, porch swing talks enjoyed, a delicious lunch was had and cake and ice cream later in the afternoon! To add to the festivities and patriotic theme, we spotted a bald eagle in a nearby field and later on saw a couple hot air balloons floating across the bright blue sky! I don't think I will caption much, but I think you will get the picture (pun intended) with these following images!

... And then there was the baseball game! Though I did not play, it was great fun to watch!

Sitting by a tree with several of the young people, talking, collecting seeds, watching butterflies, taking pictures and watching the game! =)

One of the reasons for the days festivities was the celebration of Timothy's 16th birthday! Since he is also helping out with and acting in the Pendragon project movie, Mrs. Bryson was very creative in making this clicker board cake! giving...

...and joke playing! Knowing that Timothy was a UofM fan, Faith and John played a little joke on him by giving him a MSU hat!

Young people in the wood fort.

Pyromania's! Josh demonstrated to us the wonder of "the black powder"! Check out the facial expressions.

Then the music was brought out around the campfire and singing ensued! Song after song we sang in praise to our great Lord and King who has given us the air to breathe and the freedoms in this country to worship Him. Blessed be His glorious name!
Happy Memorial Day!