Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sunshine and Snowballs

March has entered as gentle as a lamb this year, which I must admit is the way I like it. The days are slowly warming up to mid 30's instead of mid 20's and the snow is becoming droopy and sluggish and is creeping away from the base of the trees. As the days warmed, Josiah found the snow to be the perfect consistency for snow balls. In fact the ball almost created themselves. Therefore he coerced me into helping him build forts on either side of driveway (out of the immense piles of snow he had places there with the plow) in anticipation of having a snow battle with his friends.

The snow was a pleasure to work with, piling together into walls very easily.

Baby watched and supervised the work. (Josiah is there, he just ducked when he realized I had the camera ;)

When Monday rolled around, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a snowball fight, and in Baby's mind, for sunning on the porch.

Josiah's friends arrived and after selecting teams, forts, and flags, commenced building up their defenses and ammunition supplies. The "Americans" dug in on one side of the driveway and the "Mexicans" built up the other side. Once all the preparations were complete....

War was declared.

The point of the game was to capture the opposing teams flag, and carry it triumphantly back to your lines without getting hit with a snowball.

If you do suffer a casualty, you must count 10 seconds before returning fire. If you are struck with the enemies missile while carrying their flag, you must drop your spoils and return to your own territory.

After many exhausting rounds of "war," some of which I partook in, peace was declared and friends again instead of enemies, the boys enjoyed homemade cookies in honor of their victories;).

~ Chs