Sunday, June 15, 2008

Deck update...

Praise the Lord! Thanks to some wonderful helping hands we were able to get about 3/4 of the deck done Saturday! Even with having to replace more boards than we thought, God was gracious and gave perseverance and strength throughout the day and we are still so amazed at all that got done! This morning I walked out there, straight out, onto where the pool hole used to be, and no I wasn't air walking, I was stepping on firm fresh wood! It was so amazing!

Thank you again to all of you who willingly gave of your time and strength to help with this big project!


Josh and Mr. Ostrander

Happy to help - Mr. Bryson

~The saw - Dad's new Fathers day gift
~Josh - the happy board cutter!

Wow! Look at how much is done! About half way now.

Mr. Reiche was a great help too!

Closing in!

Josiah helping out...

...and playing around!

Even the "ladies" got to hammer and drill some in!

Running out of boards...lets call it a day.

Boards, screws, drills and hard workers result in - a gigantic deck...

...and a nice sunburn for Faith! =)

With just a small section to fill in and steps to build, dad surveys the result of the days work.

So now the question is..."What are we to do with such a huge deck?" Because of the large pool that was in the middle, the dimensions of this extraordinary structure are about the same as a house! Large gathering, musical performances, graduations, family reunions and weddings??! We will just have to see, but ultimately we want it to bring God the glory and we thank and praise Him for His blessings already in all that has been done!