Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cleaning up the mess! Towels, towels everywhere!!! Posted by Hello

All hands above! Trying to fix the light. Posted by Hello

The first sign of the problem before the line broke! Posted by Hello

Where it all started. On Monday, disaster struck when the hot water pipe under the sink in the master bedroom broke and sent water pouring down the walls and into the kitchen ceiling!! As most of us were in the kitchen at the time preparing some cups of tea, we were rather startled when water started showering out of the light above us! To make a long story short, in the end, after dad had to run all the way downstairs to shut off the hot water heater, we were able to clean it all up and even though at first the light would not work, just last night when we found out that a wire had been missed in the reconnection many chears were heard when the switch was flicked and there was light!!! Needless to say, right after it all started, we got a call for showing the house! Of course we had to say no, but God is still on the Throne and we trust that in His timing our house will sell! In the mean time, we are thanking Him that not too much damage was done and we were able to fix what was needed with out much expense. Posted by Hello