Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally...a successful hunt!

Saturday was a full day...but it ended in victory! After several years of "training" and spending many hours out in the fields and woods, Joshua had a blessed hunt and took down a deer!

His friend Shawn was with him and the rest of our two families joined them later to help gut the deer and drag it out of the woods. They were about a 1/2 mile walk back...through the dark...with the wind howling above us, but thankfully it was not raining. I won't show the pictures of the gutting process for the sake of the faint at heart and weak in stomach but it was a sight to see as Faith, dad, Josh, Shawn and Mr. Eddy were all working together to clean her out!

Victory! Thank you Lord!

Best buds...the mighty hunters!

Caption anyone?