Monday, September 01, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts...lots of stuff going on lately and no time to blog! This week alone I have been gone almost three whole days with just a snippet of time to get on the computer! Its been a good week though and we have many blessings to count!
I have several posts in the making but for now here are some random pictures from the past weeks.

In Christ alone ~Grace

What is the little farmer boy carrying?

A hunormous(huge and enormous) zucchini that a friend gave us!!!

A club, a trumpet or muffins, bread and dinner all in one!?

Canning, canning, canning! That is what we've been up to a lot lately! Our cellar shelves are filling up fast with lots of yummy food filled jars. Strawberry, apricot, peach and blueberry jams, pickles, pears and now we are working on lots of tomatoes - salsa, dices and sauces! Yuuummmmm!!!!

For the last week or so we have gotten a lot of use out of our volleyball net that is up in the back yard and have played almost every evening after dinner. Usually we only have two on two, with usually Josiah and I as a team and Josh and who ever else was available as the other team. The above picture shows Faith and Baby (who didn't really care for flying balls) and Mom and Josiah starting off a game.

Our very happy volley ball!

The future Sauve Olympic Volleyball team!!! =)