Monday, January 11, 2010

A funny little face on a furry little animal.

A little while ago, Faith and Josiah found this funny little creature in our backyard. After bringing it inside and checking on the computer, we confirmed our suspicions that it was a star nosed mole.

As cute as this fellow was, we were not quite sure if we wanted him in our yard. So after calling Mr. Reiche who we thought would like to see the funny rodent, we packed him in a basket and drove over to the Sutherland nature Sanctuary.

We had read that the star nosed mole like to live in soft ground or in banks near a water source. So we tramped through the snow, toward one of the many streams traversing the Sanctuary.

Mr. Mole was very glad to be released. He let out a series of hilarious squeals and grunts whenever we got near him. We were glad to be able to observe yet another part of God's amazing and diverse creation.