Thursday, October 08, 2015

Here!... and Gone Again...

 Since the brother is home now... I thought I should give a glimpse of the different times we were able to see him this summer, starting with his whirlwind visit back in August.
He arrived early Saturday (read around 4 AM) and then left around 1 after church Sunday afternoon. Yep.. not much time, but we enjoyed having him for even a little bit, and had fun showing him around the farm, and telling him all he had missed in the past 2 months.

Saying Hi to the Turkey-Lurkeys!

He helped us think through some different changes we could do as well, but more it was just good to spend time with him.

"Hello little Piggies!!"

Checking out the garden with Faith.

"Well Hello Miss Clara!!" Unfortunately we had to purchase both of our cows while Josiah was gone.. so we were all holding our collective breaths to find out just what he thought of our purchases.

Pheew!! Thankfully he was actually quite impressed with both of our Jerseys, and pronounced them "very nice cows!" 

Gabe (and his parents) came over to visit Saturday evening, which was fun, and Sunday afternoon after church, we hugged and waved goodbye to Josiah once again.

And there you have the here and gone again visit of Josiah. I promise to tell more about his time down in Virginia in the next (ish) post.


Thursday, October 01, 2015

Have a Cow

 Apparently I've started a new habit. Posting on this blog one solitary time a month... Pathetic I know. But don't have a cow, I'm desperately going to try to change that for this month!! (emphasis on the word "try") Because there is just too many awesome fun stuff that has happened both here on Liberty Oak Farm, and in the travels of the Sauve family, to not share! For instance... we do indeed "have a cow!" (and yes I promise that is the last time I will use that phrase in this post.. I already overused it I know...)
Please meet Clarabelle (mainly just called Clara) our first bovine acquisition. She is a 7-8 year old Jersey cow, or so we were told. She really is a big girl, and we're kind of suspicious of some Angus or meat cow somewhere back in her blood lines.

She is a super friendly, cow, a little bossy at times, but one of her best qualities, if you ask Faith is "she smells so good!" Yup. She says it all the time. Clara is not currently in milk. She was kind of a project, future investment cow. So, 

we got another one! And this one not only was in milk but came with a steer calf, whom Clara immediately tried to adopt; she's a very motherly animal. Rosie, and her (well not really hers.. but it's a long story) calf were a wonderful addition to our herd.

This is Rufus. At least that's what I call him. He came with the name Ribeye, and some of the less soft hearted people on this farm of ours actually call him that. There'll be plenty of time to get used to that idea when he's big and fat and pushy.. right now he is cute and little and his name is Rufus. 

His "mother" Rosie is one of the best Jersey Milk Cows out there!! Really. Don't argue. She is sweet and gentle, does well on grass, and isn't as mouthy and loud as her pasture-mate,

and gives around a gallon and a half of sweet creamy milk per milking. In case you're wondering that's 3 gallons a day, 21 gallons a week, 90 gallons in the month of September (and April, June and November) and 1095 gallons a year. Presuming of course she continually gives 3 gallons a day for the entire 365 days of the year. But that's probably way more than you ever cared to know! 

The dogs approve! 

After Rufus was old enough to separate from BOTH of his mothers, we rotated Clara and Rosie around our yard as movable, big brown lawn mowers and fertilizers all in one! Pretty awesome huh? :)

It also makes for some pretty interesting and unique photo ops.  

Oh, did I mention that Rosie was a wonderful milk cow?!? 

She ground ties!!! Like a rock! (well.... as long as your name is Faith, it's like a rock. Depending on her mood if you're someone else it might be more like an avalanche. :) No... she's pretty good!)

So there you go! That is our Cow venture. With all those gallons of milk flowing around we also have been making cheese and butter etc. But I don't have any photos of that. But I will say, Cheese Curds... simply amazing.