Friday, September 05, 2008

The Weekend, Labor Day and This Week

Last Saturday mom and us girl went to our cousin's baby shower (or rather his wife's).

Natalie opening gifts

We enjoyed a light meal and some interactive games celebrating motherhood.
This week started off with Labor day of course! We enjoyed a great afternoon and evening with friends over at the Johnson's farm!

Christianna and some friends

Adorable Lydia...minus her equally adorable smile.

Fellowship with friends

As the evening wore on several games of volleyball were played. [photo credit to Christianna, edited by Grace]

Milking time!

Little Josiah and the new calf.

On Thursday five of us headed South to visit friends. It was a long day of driving, catching up with friends and fun! This picture was taken on our drive home. =)
Friday was Mom and Dad's 27th anniversary!
Grace made this "out of this world" Chocolate Peanut butter pie. (Her own creations from two recipes)
Faith made this refreshing "Eggnog Pie"

And Christianna made these yummy Wedding Bell Papaya scones (for our weekly baking challenge created by these amazing chefs!).
They enjoyed the day out together for lunch and a walk at the park and around town.

Happy Anniversary! May the Lord be the center of your marriage and give you many more years to come!

From our Land!

Delicious homegrown, homemade blackberry cobbler!

Green beans...

...and corn from our garden.

Blessings from the Lord!