Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The latest and greatest at Lily Spring Gardens!

Finishing up on the landscaping job...
Josiah working...
...and having fun!
Our helpful tractor driver with our nifty dump trailer!

And with just a few more added plants we are all set and surrounded with beautiful Gardens!

This lovely Fuchsia adds the perfect touch.

Can you see it? Now that's some camouflage!

Josiah loves frogs and was quite happy to find this
little tree frog on some log discs that were on the deck.
Check out the yellow legs! You can't see them unless he moves or you do this! =)
The beauty of God's creation!
Lily of the Valley
frosted dandelion fluff

Thyme leaf Speedwell

The beautiful sky Thursday night!
The LORD is good to all,
and His tender mercies are over all His works.
All Your works shall praise You, O LORD,
and Your saints shall bless You.
They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom,
and talk of Your power,
to make known to the sons of men His mighty acts,
and the glorious majesty of His kingdom.
Psalm 145:9-12