Friday, December 26, 2014


If you had asked us pretty much at anytime in the last week what we were doing, the reply would have been some variation of "Packing..." or "Boxing..." Each day our to-do-list was long, and each night we would wipe what we could off and fill it up for the next day.

Josiah's boss was kind enough to park his large stock trailer in our driveway and let us pack it full. So that is what we did. We sure have enough stuff! :)


Our garage has become a staging place of boxes, boxes.....

and more boxes... :D And that's not even a recent photo! You should see it today!

Big ones, small ones, square ones we have every kind of box you could think of.

We are trying very hard to label them properly, and our very organized mother has had us relabel/sort things a couple times.  Of course there have been those moments where we have had to unpack a box due to the question "Hey! Where is my ____?" Oh whoops! Yup, packed away already.. :P

Pretty much anywhere you go in the house there is just a walk way between rows of boxes.

A lot of them are filled with books....

And one with a Kitten! (Don't worry this was only temporary)

 Of course, the more boxes were piled about, the more places we are able to label as "EMPTY"!

So this year finds us on December 26th actually celebrating "Boxing day" :) Because that's what we are doing... boxing up anything in sight.

So from our house to yours.....


If anyone is interested in helping us move, the main move is planned on Tuesday Dec. 30th. We will be beginning around 9. Just contact us and let us know if you want to join the fun!! :) (We will also be doing preliminary and extra moving on Monday and Wednesday.)