Friday, June 19, 2015

Here on the Farm: Additional Updates

Over the past 2 months of silence, our farm has been expanding, and we have had quite a few additions.
If you remember, I introduced you to Pansy and Phlox earlier. Well, we decided that 2 goats was not enough...

So we multiplied to 5!! :)

Please meet, Red-Maple Bud (She just goes by Red),

Pennyroyal (again, simply called Penny)..

And..... Buck Hawthorn! (Bucky for short) Penny's sweet little baby boy!

Bucky made quick friends with "Aunt Pansy" who is the gentlest sweetest goat around. (a little bit of a pushover and wimp.... but very sweet. :) )

Handsome little man! Currently Mom and Faith are working on setting up the third pasture for the goats since their arrival. Goats are GREAT at clearing land and helping prepare for other animals that need more graze than brush!

The next animals added to our menagerie, were Turkeys. These actually came in several different groups. Some we hatched out from some friend's eggs, and some we ordered.

Turkey's are pretty odd little creatures, but super personable. They love people's voices, and would respond whenever you whistled or talked to them! The downside is that they can get really loud and obnoxious when you leave them. :) Dependent little birdies..

Sadie Rose is the best farm dog ever!! She is so good with all our little animals.. she might be tempted but she never harms anything, and is actually a very good protector for them. For instance chasing away the not-so-good Kitten who likes to stalk them.. :P
Sadie is also very patient with us when we want to do crazy things like take pictures of Turkeys on her head.. :P Love the look on her face in the second photo... "Ummm guys.. whats going on here?"

Turkeys grow up fast, and so we moved them outside, where they loved to strut around and poke at bugs in the grass. 

 It's pretty funny how these 4 inch tall tiny baby boys poof all up and strut around like big ole Toms.. :)

 But they're not so little anymore! Here's a photo of them just the other day! Gettin' big!

 The last current addition... (and who knows, we could be adding something else any day now!) is 6 meat Ducks!

 Cute funny little Pekins. One of the nice things about ducks, is they don't fly very well, and don't tend to push boundaries, so using twine, old heavy fence pieces we picked up off the side of the road, and a gate that was left in the middle of no-where from the first goat pen, we created a Duck pen!

So there you go! You are now updated on all the current additions here at the farm! :) But I am sure there will be more to add soon!