Thursday, April 05, 2007


Spring is finally starting to show it's full, gloriously beautiful face (or at least until this morning when we woke to a dusting of snow and freezing temperatures! But oh well, we won't get too downcast) as the flowers are springing forth everywhere we turn, sending up stems full of praises to their Creator and filling our hearts with praise to Him as well as we look upon these remarkable and gorgeous creations!

After the crocuses were fully blooming, their 'cousins' the "Glory of the Snow" (Chionodoxa luciliae) showed forth their starry faces, reflecting the rays of sun shining down.

Arise, shine; For your light has come!
And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.
Isaiah 60:1

Chionodoxa Luciliae

On man, in His own image made,
How much did God bestow!
The whole creation homage paid,
And owned him lord below.

He dwelt in Eden's garden, stored
With sweets for every sense;
And there, with his descending Lord,
He walked in confidence.

But, oh, by sin how quickly changed!
His honor forfeited,
His heart from God and truth estranged,
His conscience filled with dread!

Now from his Maker's voice he flees,
Which was before his joy,
And thinks to hide, amid the trees,
From an all-seeing eye.

Compelled to answer to his name,
With stubbornness and pride,
He cast on God Himself the blame,
Nor once for mercy cried.

But grace, unasked, his heart subdued,
And all his guilt forgave;
By faith the promised Seed he viewed,
And felt His pow'r to save.

Thus we ourselves would justify,
Though we the law transgress;
Like him, unable to deny,
Unwilling to confess.

But when, by faith, the sinner sees
A pardon, bought with blood,
Then he forsakes his foolish pleas,
and gladly turns to God.

John Newton

Our church is studying Genesis and last Sunday's message was on the fall of man. It was rather amazing to find this poem the other day that goes to well with what we were learning. How clearly that passage of scripture shows how man was and is so totally depraved and unworthy of that great sacrifice that Christ gave for us!