Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Summer Birthday Party

 Since, it's kind of cold out I thought my first catch up post would be waay back in August. If you all can stretch your minds to that time when the sun didn't set till after 9, and it was "chilly" when the temperature dipped into the 50s, I'll share with you the Birthday party we did for the Oldest and Youngest in our family at the time ie. The Grandpa and Grandson. 

 I decided to go Farmer theme for the party. We had a fun time picking food that either resembled or had something to do with Farms and animals! :)

Everything from "Chicken Feed" to "Hay Bales" (the round variety) and a "Compost Pile" (also known as layered bean dip!!) 

Cheese & Quackers anyone?? :)

The chickies were probably the cutest thing there! 

Desserts consisted of "Piggy Mud Puddles" "Goat Pebbles" "Cow Pies" and cake. :) Doesn't that all sound delicious!! Farm humor.... they're all replicas of course. :)

A meal fit for a farmer! 

Hmmm... this farmer looks familiar! :) A mini Farmer Paul. Dad has been such a huge help around the farm. Originally a City guy, he loves animals, and being a former accountant is really good at remembering times and schedules.. so sometimes if it wasn't for him the animals might wait a little longer than normal for their meals! 

Celebrating 65 years and 1 year all together!

This little munchkin actually finished his first revolution around the sun on July 20th but his daddy was gone around that time, so we decided to wait till August 1st and combine the celebration with his Grandpa! He has become quite a smiley happy little fellow, and at this point of his life called everything "Doggy".

Birthday guests included Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim, Mr. and Mrs. Eddy, and Shawn and Laura, Grace and Dad's Aunt Bev!! (Who we were thrilled was able to make it, as she hadn't been up to see our new farm yet!)

Opening presents is an exciting but daunting task when you're 1! So Auntie Grace helped out. 

We are so grateful for both the oldest and youngest (at the time) in our clan! That is a glimpse at our Summer party! Hopefully it warmed you up. ;)