Friday, November 16, 2007

~Off the Beaten Path~

Last Wednesday four of our ladies, one of our gentlemen and the two Eddy ladies headed out on a trip across "town" (or rather the county) to visit a small country gift and craft shop that the Eddys had stopped by at earlier this season. Boy were we in for a treat! Miller Medley "Off the Beaten Path" is a small, on the farm, home business run by Sue Miller and her husband. Their main expertice is leaded glass, the beauty of soldering lead around glass in intricate designs and styles for whatever suites your needs.

One of the main attractions and reasons we went was to look at these buttons! Lots and lots of buttons, all different shapes and colors, all just for 10/$1.00!

The atmosphere of the whole place was so cozy and welcoming, beautifully decorated and so homemade!

Old window frames made into shelving units and covered with all sorts of beautiful and unique gifts and treasures!

Old books, hand crafted pottery, beeswax candles and needlework art decorated bookshelves.

However most prominant throughout the whole little store was the eye catching beauty hanging from above and glimmering by the window and in the front door - the gorgeous work of leaded glass created my Mrs. Miller.

As she invited us to join her in her workshop in the next room, I soon came to understand the mistery of this unique art that I had before never even fathomed how it was done!

A wall of cubbies holding different sheets of glass, all different colores and textures... a long table covered with works in progress and another bench behind that held all the equipment to help create these peices of art! So organized and practical with the use of instruments, down to the use of a sharpy marker!

After asking many questions and finally started to get the idea of how it all worked she asked if we wanted to try some ourselves and tried our hand at cutting glass. Quite the remarkable experience and as Josiah started working his little "line" became a unique little creation!

As the ladies had been talking Josiah had been working on cutting out a design - the outline of a house. Mrs Miller went from there and help him finish it up with smoothing the edges, this making us all laugh as he had him wear her "goggles" to protect his eyes!

What a sport! The glasses had a little magnification to them which made it all the more hilarious!

After that she showed him how to cover it with a copper strip, press it smooth and then solder the edges completely with metal to seal it off. Yes, Josiah was allowed to touch the 700 degree hot tool and yes, mom walked out of the room!! =)

The result? A special experience for Josiah and over all a wonderful day we will not forget!
Thank you Eddys for taking us along for the adventure! =)

And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15