Monday, July 19, 2010

A trip to the Unknown!!

One of Josh's favorite things to do for people on their birthday is to take them on trips. Last year he took Faith on a canoe trip and this year he secretively consulted with me about taking yet another trip for Faith's birthday, except this time it would be a surprise. Many many years ago, before we moved to our current residence, and when most of us were still being home schooled, we participated in nature classes at the U of M Dearborn. They have a Environmental Interpretive center, and would take classes or groups of children on hikes through the 300 acres of land surrounding the Henry Ford Estate teaching them about plants, animals and minerals;) Faith especially enjoyed the studies and we became friends with many of the instructors. So Josh thought it would be extremely special to take Faith down (without her knowing) for a nature hike of our own, and to revisit many spots that we hadn't seen for well over 5 years.

Yes we did blindfold her=). You see, while Faith is not superb at following directions and finding new places, she has a wonderful sense of direction=} Okay I know that didn't make much sense;) In other words she would have recognized where she was going without some blockage of her vision.

Faith guessed where we were going right before we arrived.

Off we go into the wild green yonder!

One of the places where we went quite often when studying, was the lily pond that used to be part of Mrs. Ford's rose garden.

We made it out to the Jensen meadow and reconnoiter and then headed off towards the Ford estate, river and enjoining boat garage and grotto.

In the grotto. Smile!!

The foreboding castle:)

As we walked along we heard water rushing, then soon came in sight of the raging river. A water fall had been built up and right below it was a power house.

Contemplating the strength of the river. (yes she is sitting on a rock not in the river)

Foaming rapids rush by.

The mysterious door. (also known as the door to the power house).

"This stone was laid here on the Twenty - eighth day of October Nineteen - Hundred and Fourteen by Thomas A Edison."

It was a wonderful trip and adventure through God's creation. (thanks to Mr. Reiche for this last picture).