Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Afternoon at the Village - Grace

Recently Mom and I were invited to spend the afternoon with one of my friends and her mother at Greenfield Village. Even though our feet told us otherwise I think we all had a really enjoyable time, not only of fellowship but also in seeing so much of God's creation in nature and all the history and heritage left behind in so many of the buildings! As for picture taking, WOW! This could almost be a photographer's paradise! I used about 11/2 roles of film, so you can probably imagine how difficult it was to pick out some to put on here. But I did, so here are some of the best! Hope you enjoy!! Posted by Hello

Here is mom and Mrs. Scott greatly enjoying themselves ! ( I think they knew that I was taking the picture.) ;-) Posted by Hello

Of course we had to stop and talk to all the horses... Posted by Hello

...and visit the animals in the barn. This ram was really friendly and seemed to enjoy Heidi scratching him on his head. Posted by Hello

As we were walking along one of the streets I spotted this little guy by a tree and just couldn't resist taking a couple pictures of him!! It sure looks like he's enjoying his meal! Posted by Hello

At the pond we saw 18 ducklings! They were rather friendly and would swim right up to us looking for food! Isn't this one adorable?!!! Posted by Hello

Mr. Handsome!! Posted by Hello

This is one of my most favorite pictures. Except for the garbage can on the side, I'd say it looks pretty good! =� Posted by Hello

... And here I am at the end as we are heading back to the entrance of the Village.  Posted by Hello