Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our Latest Winter Storm

Wednesday brought one of our biggest snow dumps yet!

A blizzard was blowing all afternoon and into the night. Before we went to bed the guys (and some of us ladies) got to work cleaning the driveway off.

Here is one of our hard working shovelers
This is what the accumulation was at that point...sorry I didn't get a final image but it was very close to 12 inches when it all stopped.

Another happy worker...our expert tractor driver! To him its not a job, its just fun work! =)

Piling up.
The next day came and I (Grace) just had to get out there for some photo shooting! Soon after family devotions I bundled up and headed out. Here is what I found.

Beautiful art work in heavy laden trees!

It was one big White Out! =)

Then I decided to try to head out back to get some closer shots in our back acre. The only problem was that I would have to cross our "pond"/flooded area that wasn't quite frozen and was about 6 in. deep and I did not have my water proof boots on!
Well I wasn't about to give up and because someone had told me that it really wasn't that deep I started to take the plunge. Plunge I did and about half way across I was so kicking myself for not going back for better boots as I could feel my socks getting wet and I started dreaming of the bridge that I want to build this summer! =)
Well I made it safely across, cameras and all (I had both my 35mm and digital) and this is what it looked like when I turned around.

Beautiful isn't it? =)
Ok so maybe it wasn't totally worth it all as I wasn't able to use my 35mm since all I had on it was my super telephoto lens, and I didn't see anything spectacular, but it was beautiful back there and so quiet.

A little brush cave I found...bummer there were no occupants. =(

The pureness of God's creation...the beauty of whiteness...the simplicity of silence...the stillness of God's presence.

Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth!

Psalm 46:10

Coming Soon...

...Stay tuned for the postings of
Josiah's birthday trip to the AIG museum
Our family's African dinner!

Winter Days

Here are some recent pictures taken around our place during these cold winter days.

Our "river" traversing the back yard.

Where the "river" ends our "pond"/ back acre.
A gem of ice.

What in the world is it thinking! A bit of hope peeking through the frozen ground.
An evening of music
A week ago our family headed out for an evening of enjoyment in listening to our local orchestra play.

Before we headed into the theatre I snapped this photo of the handsome historic courthouse, standing sentinal on the street corner.
The themes from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Disney classics and many more were played.
Joe Brazeal did a great job narrating for the musical peice of Peter and the Wolf!
Over all it was a most enjoyable concert, the musicians performed well, the conductors were excellent and we pray that God was glorified!