Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Charity!

Last Friday, Sept. 30, marked another Birthday celebration for the firstborn child in our family. 23 years ago, a little baby girl (with a lot of dark hair:-) was born to Paul and Cathy Sauve. As is true in some families, the firstborn turns out to be the smart one, and Charity wasn't going to disappoint anyone. She was talking in complete sentences by the age of 18 months, reading children stories by herself before her 3rd Birthday, and could turn a perfect cartwheel at the age of 5.

Well she still is quite a talker, and reads at an alarming rate, not so sure about the cartwheels though . . . .
Here she is with her Birthday gifts, most of which were from Vision Forum. ;) She had a lovely day, eating out with Dad for lunch, and then enjoying a birthday pie, "Chocolate Peanut butter." (you'll have to ask her about it, it is kind of a long story)

God's Blessings on you, dear sister, as you commence yet another year of life. We love you!

Your not-so-talented little sis,
Faith <><