Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Crime and the Detective

 We awoke one morning to find a crucial part of our establishment missing.  Namely our mailbox.  It had been brutally buffeted and flung off its place of prestige upon the solid metal post placed there for the sole purpose of holding the mail box.  So ferocious was the assault that the post itself was dug out of the ground, substantially bent, and was found laying flat upon the grass in disgrace.

 The situation was so grave that we called in a professional from Dewey's detective agency. (aka Josiah)
Mr. J.T scoured the premises and came into the kitchen an hour or so later with an arm full of car parts.  Ahah!!  We now have a suspect.
Mr. J.T used his detective skills to piece together the miscellaneous articles of plastic, metal and glass.
One cup of hot carob and 50 some minutes later, Mr. J.T had come to a conclusion.
His hypothesis ran thusly:  "Someone in a large vehicle of Truck relations, probably in the color black, fell asleep at the wheel and gradually drifted off the road.  This person was rudely awakened by a crunching sound and the unforgettable feeling of the vehicle hitting a resisting inanimate object.  The Truck most probably side swiped our mailbox, leaving it's right rear view mirror and pieces of its bumper behind as proof."
So ran Mr. J.T's reading of our problem.
Being the helpful and multipurpose person that he is, Mr. J.T (Josiah) then proceeded to assist in the installation of a new mailbox in place of the battered metal that once stood across from our driveway.  Thus concluded the case of "The missing mailbox".

PS. If anyone happens to come across a Black Truck with a missing right rear view mirror, would you please inform the owner that we found their missing vehicle parts;)