Monday, March 19, 2007

Corum Deo

During Dad's message yesterday, he spoke briefly about living Corum Deo, before the face of God. The reality is that we do indeed live before the face of God, always! He is everywhere, seeing everything, knowing every thought and intention of our heart. So the question is, do we live, and think and talk, with the conscience knowledge that we are living Corum Deo?

Corum Deo

Corum Deo- Before the face of GOD
I live this earthly life.
Throughout the day, and in the night
I strive to do His will,
And must needs choose the right,
If with clear conscience I wilt live
Before the face of GOD.

Corum Deo- Before the face of GOD
In everything I act upon
Be it work, or rest, or play,
To keep always first in thought
That what I do is on display.
All things done in secret, are no longer such
Before the face of GOD.

Corum Deo- Before the face of GOD
I must ever mindful be
Of this grand truth, and tell the world
Of His love and grace to sinful man,
The chief of whom I am, but can now to them unfurl
The joy of living, sins forgiv’n
Before the face of GOD.

Corum Deo- Before the face of GOD
The sufferings of this life,
Shall pass and fade and slip away,
They are nothing in compare
To the glories that will be mine some day
When fore’er I’ll live, and humbly bow
Before the face of GOD.


Happy 21st Birthday Grace!

March 8th, marked the Birthday of yet another member of the Sauve family. Grace Elizabeth was born this day, 21 years ago. What a blessing she has been to our family over the years! From her recent interest in photography, and thrilling us with all the unique and beautiful pictures she takes, and her creativity with sewing and crafting, to her organizing and cleaning skills, (which can at times be an annoyance to the 'flightier' members of the family:-) and her love of praising her Savior through song and with her guitar.

This year, Grace chose to have "Dirt Cake." A rich tasty desert that consisted of layering a pudding/whipped cream mixture with crushed Oreo Cookies. Yummy!!

Grace's good friend, Heidi joined us for the party. She also plays the guitar very well, and she and Grace always have fun playing and singing when ever they get together. They have even written a few songs. Part of the day was spent trying out the new recording program that Grace found of the computer. (they sure do sound funny when you speed up the voices!!:-)

This is one of the gifts Grace received, Libera, her new favorite Music group. They are a boys choir based in England, and they have the most ethereal voices! Simply gorgeous! (almost as good as my Monks;-) inside joke=)

May God bless you, Little Sis, as you strive each day to be more conformed to the image of your Savior, and to become that beautiful woman the He plans for you to be. Keep using your talents for Him, that people may see Christ in you, the hope of Glory!