Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Good Start to The New Year!!!

Monday was the second day of the year, and also a day of enjoyable fellowship with our friends, the Hyslop and Eddy families. The day was spent in a time of praising the Lord, praying for guidance in the new year, playing fun games and of course, eating food! Here is a glimpse of the different things we did....Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

'Bible Catch Phrase' The game where you have to get your teammates to guess the word or phrase, without you saying any part of it. Of course there is a time limit too, which makes the game even more fun!!! ...................example......................"Christ is the Beginning and the End [in Greek] ?" Posted by Picasa

"The followers of Jesus?"....... Posted by Picasa

"The guy who lived the longest?"..........  Posted by Picasa

Speeding Spellers!!!! It's a team work, and speed game, with the goal of spelling the selected word correctly before the other team finishes. What a blast! Posted by Picasa

Enjoying a snack : Hot chocolate, cookies and carmel popcorn! Yum!!! Posted by Picasa

Later in the evening the musical instruments were brought out and Faith and Theresa enjoyed taking turns playing the violin, while Abbie Hyslop practiced some of the hymns she knew by heart on the piano and Charity brought out her flute for accompaniment. Oh yes, and of course Grace "played" around with the camera and captured these pictures (except for the ones that include herself). Posted by Picasa