Saturday, March 29, 2014

Passover Seder

This past Sunday we were blessed to be able to participate in a Messianic Seder meal that our Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim's church puts on every year.
Mom, Faith, Josiah and I planned to attend, and we arrived early to help out in the kitchen.

We peeled 3 dozen eggs, peeled and chopped 3 bags of apples, and washed and picked parsley.

Josiah helped out in the hall setting up tables and putting all the place settings where they belonged.

Rabbi Glen, the speaker at this event, is a wonderful energetic man, a Messianic Jew with a heart for proclaiming the story of his Creator and Savior!

Glen took us through the Passover, pointing out so many Messianic symbolisms.  It is almost overwhelming and so thrilling to see Jesus Christ woven throughout.

Different parts of the Passover: parsley dipped in salt water, Haroset, boiled eggs, and "bitter herbs" / Horseradish.

It was a wonderful re-enlightening time, and we enjoyed the fellowship and the ability to serve.  Hopefully we will be able to do so again next year!


The Cute Coot

Recently we have had a few unique visitors to our temporarily enlarged pond.  First there was a gaudy pair of Merganser Ducks.  My ducks were not at all sure about these intruders and wanted to chase them away, but the Mergansers just dove out of the way.

But the next little bird that investigated our waterway was much more friendly, and not quite as brilliant as the Mergansers, but oh so strangely adorable and loveable!

He is the American Coot, or as we call him, our "Cute Coot".  He looks like an odd combination of a chicken, a duck, a dinosaur and I am not sure what else.

He is not shy and so curious, and at this point Josiah has made friends with him; the Coot will come pretty close for treats.  We are thrilled to be able to closely observe such a unique and mesmerizing part of God's creation.  Coots are fascinating.