Thursday, October 27, 2005

Glory to God in the Highest!!!

The sweet strains of Handel's Messiah filled the air as we walked into the sanctuary of Marlette Baptist Church and took our places in the pews. Smiling at our friends the DeLadurantey's, who were playing in the orchestra, we tried not to distract them as they wound their way through the last notes of the Amens. Soon, our choir director, who doubled as orchestra conductor, instructed us to make our way to the choir loft, where we would be practicing today.
To explain a little, we have been given the wonderful opportunity to sing in a community production of Handel's Messiah this December. When my friend Amber DeLadurantey first suggested it to us, we were all thrilled at the chance to blend our voices with others in this glorious oratorio! After discovering that the practice times (every other Sunday at 3:30 P.M.) worked in perfectly for us after our service and meal on Sunday, we began warming up our voices and stretching our vocal cords. ;) And I do mean really stre---t---ch---ing! We are blessed to have all four parts in our family, with a total of two Sopranos, two Altos, one Tenor, and two Bases. As we have been faithfully practicing each week all seven choruses that we will be performing, we have repeatedly noticed how all parts are stretched to the limits of their range, particularly on the high side! ;) But we have persevered, and I may venture to say that we have all improved at least a little more by each "official" practice at the Marlette church.
We have always been a singing family, and have enjoyed singing together in four part harmony, girls trio and quartet, or just in church on Sunday. But we are especially blessed to be able to raise our voices in singing part of Handel's Messiah. Not only is the harmony delightful, and the music almost divine, but ALL of the text is taken directly from the Holy Scriptures! Being able to sing such obviously inspired music becomes even more special because we are singing God's inspired Word with each breath! May He be glorified in this presentation, and perhaps we will catch a little glimpse of what it will be like to eternally praise Him (with perfect voices) when we meet our Lord and Savior in Glory!


The Marlette Community Choir- including voices from the Sauve, Eddy, and Marshall families. Can you find us in the crowd?;) Posted by Picasa

The Orchestra, including the DeL's, the Wagners, Bullingers, and several other young, and not so young musicians. Their expertise was amazing, and the music was heavenly! Posted by Picasa