Friday, December 25, 2015

Preparing for the Snow Storm

The project we were using the little blue tractor to clear away trees for, was to build a run in, or lean- to on the back of the Pole Barn as winter housing for the animals. The plan was to also cut a door into the Pole barn so we could bring the animals directly in to be milked. 

This had been on the project list for a while, but it climbed quickly to the top with the threat of a snow storm. 

Jim Pierce, came to lend us his building expertise (which was invaluable) along with some tools. Josiah had fun using the nail gun, and of course was the one that got to climb on top and nail everything together.

We used one side of the existing roof, for the top of the run-in, and then replaced that side with new roofing. They had a very very good reason for this, but it would take too long to try and explain it. :)

They made me climb up the ladder, and traverse the slippery roof, to take pictures. It was terrifying getting there (I'll be honest. I don't like heights) but I have to admit the view was lovely.

It was getting dusky, but it was neat to be able to get a different perspective of our farm!

Not to be outdone, Sadie tried to climb the ladder to join us!!

Seriously!! She would climb up a few rungs all herself!! Apparently she doesn't share my fear of heights.

We finished it just in time!! We received the accumulation of around 8 inches of snow all in one day! But no fear, the animals were all cozy in their new homes.