Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Girls bedroom saga...

Once upon a time there was the ugly Cocoa Cola trim with dark and dirty blue carpet room.
Then there was the pretty pink (though a little brighter shade than planned) room with nice 'hard wood' laminate floor ready for the big project...the making of our girls bunkbed/loft combo to fit all four of us in this 9'5'' x 12 room!

The plans were drawn up. Custom made just for this size of room! At first we almost dropped it all after finding out the exact dimensions but after much thinking and measuring we went ahead with it and God blessed our efforts in allowing it to work so well, even giving us a little extra room for sliding into place!
Measuring, marking and cutting was next...

...then painting!

...and finally the putting together began! Mind you, it was no simple task but with God's help of wisdom and patience we made it and had the bunk bed and loft put together and finished in less than two days!
Tricky times...hold still everyone! The photographer actually got in the picture here. Thanks Christianna!=)

Christianna and Faith waiting for the finishing touches of ladder steps and then the mattresses.

And then the final product! A bunk bed with attached loft and Great Aunt Lizzie's bed underneath the loft. Sorry the picture isn't very clear. I could not get any better angle as my camera does not have a wide angle lens!

...with girls!
Though at times it was hard to press on, perseverance was the key and we are so glad it is now all done! Close and cozy, yet comfortable, we are all enjoying sharing a room together especially as now we have the other room able to use for our sewing!
A most special thanks to Dad for helping us and being the chief sawer, driller, screw driver and over all guide as the project was in progress! Also we must thank our "most favorite" realtor, Mr. Ruloff as his gift helped us purchase the supplies!
Thank the Lord no one was hurt and may He receive all the glory!