Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anniversary Round-up!!!

Last Saturday our family was blessed to be able to participate in a very exciting and surprise filled event!! It was held in honor of our dear friends, Chuck and Michelle DeLadurantey's 30th wedding anniversary! The theme was " The good old days in Texas" where they spent the early part of their marriage, therefore, as you can imagine, there was a whole herd of cowboys and girls there, with a few natives thrown in for good measure! =) As to the surprises, this whole event was arranged by their loving children and friends with such complete silence and stealth that their parents had not a clue what was going on and as words cannot express, were totally surprised!!! What a night of fun it was as we talked, ate, and played games. But in the end, it all came back to the Glory and Majesty of Christ, who had brought these two special people together and to Himself, to shine His Truth, to teach their children His Laws, which was most noticeably presented through the honor they showed to their parents! May God Bless you Chuck and Michelle as you continue to serve Him, with many more years on this earth together! Happy 30th Anniversary!

Following are a few of the pictures Grace was able to capture before the celebrated couple arrived. For more photos and information about the event, please see : www.delfamily.blogspot.com

The Young Cowhand.  Posted by Picasa

Thomas DeLadurantey's useful steed!! RoadMaster Mustang!!! Posted by Picasa

Injun gone Cowboy!  Posted by Picasa

Along with lots of other delicious food, the main dish was Roast Pig!!! Posted by Picasa

The Hay-bale Gang! From left to right: Esther DeLadurantey, Danielle Shepherd, Philip DeLadurantey, Theresa Eddy, and Mrs. Kelly Shepherd. Posted by Picasa

A retired Cowboy! ; ) Posted by Picasa

The Three Musketeers. . . Cowboy style! Posted by Picasa

Cowgirl talk! Posted by Picasa

Watching for Papa. Alex Vinecki, in authentic Cowboy gear! Posted by Picasa