Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Moving Story... Part 3

Wednesday might possibly have been the hardest day of our 3 days of moving. It was cold, blustery, and with a slight depressing overcast air about it. But it would have been much more difficult (or impossible) if it hadn't been for some wonderful new friends that came with their large trailers to help us move some of the last big stuff.

One of the items to be removed to the new property, was our "little" chicken coop. Well this "little" coop was built like a rock. The family joke was that "if a tornado came, we would abandon the house and go stay in the Chicken coop." :)

So moving it was going to be no small task.....

Even with straps, and big trucks and lots of strong guys.. it was still quite the effort. :)

But... Where there's a will.....

... There's a way.

Kitten and Sadie Rose hung out together inside. (on our super dirty carpet....)

Another family arrived with their trailer (which took one of Josiah's hoop houses... everything has to go! :) ) and were super useful grabbing all the extra items off the deck, and from the garage.

Once everything was loaded, all of our helpers along with all of us except for Mom and I, once again headed North.

Mother and I were left behind to clean up the building that we had called home for the past 7 years....

Leaving it looking oh so empty.  This house holds many, many, memories... mostly good ones, but some hard ones. 
Here at this house we first branched out into the world of farming. 
Our first batch of chickies ever, scratched around in the now shockingly bare garage. 
It was from this house that the first of the Sauve's left the nest to their own lives. 
Here, along the back path sheltered under our whispering pines, is buried our Baby dog, along with a few special chickens, ducks, and baby goats. 
In this house Grandpa Learned lived with us, and it was here that he passed from earth to glory.  
Yes... many memories... but they aren't held in the walls now bare of pictures, and the rooms empty of furniture only. They're imprinted on our hearts, and minds too.. so we're not leaving them behind entirely, we'll always have the memories, and now we have a chance to make a new set of them for the next 7 years (at least) in our new Castle!