Monday, May 26, 2008

One Month Letter from John

Hello Family and Friends,
I have made it one whole Month here in Korea. Actually Wednesday the 21'st was the "big day" but my schedule is such that I don't have time for longer-mails until the weekends. Time seems to be going past much faster now that I have sort of gotten into the groove of things at work. Recently I was put in charge of a huge audio editing project for our company(Homeschool Friend). Some of you may be familiar with the Pathway book series; we are using that program for our Korean students and many of them had requested audio accompaniment with the books. So probably over the next couple weeks I will be editing prerecorded session and recording any not yet done. I am picking up a few Korean words but found out quickly that it is bad to say Anne (hello) to Koreans b/c they then assume you can speak Korean and go off at a mile a minute. I have not yet found a church to go to consistently and may not before I leave. The language barrier makes it difficult to get a lot out of the message, and their style of worship is a little different then mine. I have been staying in shape with my 4 mile round trip to work and there is a really nice park nearby where I have actually been able to get in some Basketball and Jogging. The weather here has been simply beautiful. The last few weeks the temp has been sitting right around 70-75 and sunny. Being a peninsula it is quite humid on the whole but not intolerable. They say come late June or July it gets up to100+ but I will be leaving the 15th of July so I won't have to deal with it too much. Studies are coming along all right. I am ready to take the Micro and Macro economics CLEP tests but we are having some difficulties of arranging a time at the test site. Please pray that I will be able to take these tests soon as the timing of getting my degree depends a lot on being able to take an average of 2 tests every three weeks. I hope you all are doing well. May you all have a blessed weekend and a great week to come.

Romans 8:28 ...All things work together for good to those who love God to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Sincerely in Christ,
John Sauve

~Some pictures from John~

The big park on the way to work

The children that he helps teach on Wednesday

Mr. Virtuoso himself! (Good thing there is no sound with the picture!) =p

The Gyeongbokgung Palace (changing of the guards)

John with Mr. Choi and his wife and Sarah (from Canada, to teach English) after their visit to the palace and museum.
Here are some of the grave stones in the Missionary cemetery.

This one had quite the testimony!

True selflessness in service to God!

John said that this is the first rose he has seen this year. Gorgeous!