Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Piggies Post

So you have seen the Piggies throughout some of the other posts, but I don't think you have been properly introduced to our Flying pigs. 

This is Orville. He started the whole Flying pig thing. For some reason Faith, decided this little black and white porker, looked like an "Orville". And once we had an Orville, we had to have....

Wilbur! The second of the Wright brothers. :) and the cutest, sweetest, and friendliest, of the three. Oh, and.. he loves apples! 

The little pink pig we got, was a girl. And while at first we were going to name her Petunia.. we realized that we had a flying pig theme.. so her name is Amelia.

Sadie Rose liked the piggies, when they were little, smaller than her that is. Now they're more than twice her size!! and 4 times her weight.

Yum yum yum!! Grow piggies grow!

Dirty little Pig snout! They love digging around in the dirt, and we use them as natural plows of sorts! They tilled up Faith's new big garden for next year, and we are now rotating them up the hill into the woods where they just love snacking on the acorns and rooting through the leaves!

For our first venture into the pig business, it has gone quite well!