Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Unchangeable Changer

A single leaf, a lonely flower,
They fade and fall so fast.
The days go by, each passing hour
We search for things that last.

The seasons come and go with speed
Each has its own allure.
We strive to meet our daily need
And wonder what is sure.

Time rolls on, our lives pass by,
We grow and learn and find,
That though we work and grasp and try
We only change our mind.

But there is One whose awesome power
Controls each star, each man.
He changes hearts, but is Himself
Unchangeable in word or plan.

So perfect in His holy will
He has no need to change.
But dead in sin, man needs Him still
Our fallen lives to re-arrange.

O Changeless One, come search my soul
And mold it to Thy ways!
May holy conduct be my goal
Thy steadfast love my praise!

Prepare me for the finish line
when all Your sons will see
You face to face, Your love divine
And finally changeless be!


1 comment:

tme said...

Very well written poem, Charity. I love the way it flows so nicely from line to line. Good Job!
Love, Theresa