Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dog Days

The last couple months have seen quite a few canine comings and goings here at the castle.
Grace had found herself a new job, and was preparing for a move, so Shine and Moby would come up for visits.

Moby thinks it is SO much fun to chase his mom around the back acreage! Crazy energy that boy has!

Miss Shine tags along, at her own good pace. Never taking anything too seriously, always sedate and good tempered..

The dogs seem to think that our 10 acres exists simply for them to explore (if only they kept to just our 10 acres....). Sadie is constantly begging us to go outback for a run.

Shine could do without the extended adventures, but she's a good sport for a "stay-on-the-trail" hike. :)

The other furry friend that made an appearance, was another one of Sadie's puppies. I received a call from one of the families that had bought a puppy. They loved Miss Fan, but due to some behavioral issues on her part, couldn't keep her, and were wondering if we could re-home her.

So beautiful, loving Fan came and spent a week with us. She is a gorgeous, lithe, energetic, affectionate ball of energy!

She LOVED playing with the basketballs in the yard (in fact the balls now proudly bear some very large holes, in remembrance of dear Fan).

She was a very good girl when I took her and Sadie down the driveway to get mail, sitting and waiting in pained patience while I crossed the road to retrieve the miscellaneous letters, bills and ads.

But all good things must come to an end, and after a week of stealing our hearts (and ripping holes in our balls and socks..) it came time for Fan to find her new home.

And that new home, actually ended up to be with one of her brothers!  Hobbes' family just lost their older dog, Hobbes companion and playmate, and so it was the perfect fit for Fan, who needed another dog to take out her energy on. Hobbes and Fan, are fast friends and we were thrilled at how it all worked out.

But we aren't permanently puppyless.. yet.  Moby has taken up residence for the time being, because Grace made a move, and while it's a wonderful place for her (and hopefully Shine) there just isn't a place for Moby. So Sadie gets to have a buddy for a little while.

Well there's the stories of our dog days! :)


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