Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Parade! - Christianna

What is the perfect day for a parade? A gorgeous 80 degree day with a dazzling sun placed in a sparkling blue sky with a few fluffy clouds floating lazily around. That would be the ideal. But as we learned last Saturday you can have as much fun and glorify God just at much on a rainy, chilly, dreary, and usually an altogether miserable day, as on the "perfect" one. We also found out how much work goes into those lovely floats and costumes, that look so nice, and how much stress and preparation the people who appear so happy and serene riding or walking down the parade route have gone through.
Our friend and brother in Christ, Mr. Shepherd, who is running for Michigan State Senate was going to have a float in the Lapeer Day Parade and invited us to help. The theme was getting back to the constitution, therefore colonial costumes were on the bill.
What a flurry of sewing! Three tri-cornered hats, vests, knickers, shirts, bonnets and aprons were all cut out and sewn together in 6 days. When everything was done or at least mostly done we jumped in the van and commenced the trip upwards during which we listened to a tape of Patriotic songs some of which we would be singing on the float in the parade.

Upon arriving we were able to observe the wagon that we were to be riding. It was to be pulled by the Eddy's good ole' Farmall tractor. With a lot of huffing, pulling and lifting the men loaded the wagon with Hay bales and also put a white mantle in the middle of the wagon in front of which the Klaty family would be sitting dressed up as a pioneer family reading the Bible. When everything was piled on we began the long in time, short in distance trek. At the lightning speed of 6⅔ miles per hour we took off, with 2 of the boys riding on the wagon to make sure that nothing fell off and the rest of us (except Mr. Eddy, who was driving the Farmall) drove behind them in our cars.

After arriving and finding our place we arranged the hay bales and put the extra ones in our vehicles. It had by this time began to drizzle slightly and donning our bonnets and hats we braved the dampness and used the extra time walking along the parade routs passing out flyers about Mr. Shepherd and what he stands for. We walked past many booths that taunted us with tantalizing smells of cooking food.

When we had made our way back to the float
we waited (hopefully patiently) to be able to move.
We were, by the way, the 110th float.

Finally with a jerk we lurched forward and rolled onward. Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd were standing on either side of the mantle, us singers were behind it and the Klaty family in front.

As we began to sing in the rain the familiar tunes of "My Country 'Tis of Thee ", "America the Beautiful", and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", faces lit up and many began to sing with us.

There were three stands along the way that announced us as we drove by and read parts of Mr. Shepherds Platform. We had sung all the songs at least 3 times each by the time we reached the end, and it was all to quickly a memory behind us.

We completed this wonderful, hopefully God glorifying day with lunch at the Eddy's.
It was a fun though wet day, but I am sure we wouldn’t hesitate to do it again to help
Mr. Shepherd's Campaign.

So if you live in St. Clair or Lapeer County, make sure you vote this fall for Howard Shepherd for Michigan State Senate!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement! The singing was heavenly. Most likely because I was only waiving. God was indeed glorified that day and we were blessed by fellowship with Him and you!
May the Lord be glorified!
Howard for the Shepherd Family

Evening Star Stables said...

Wow ! You guys look fetching in those costumes :) Did you know I got another horse? Check out the pictures on my horsey blog!(I'll definately be using Parelli's methods on her!!!)
God bless!

titi said...

Great Job, Christianna! I'm sure Dad would be thrilled that you remembered the 6 2/3 MPH. ha ha ha :)

See ya soon!