Saturday, September 16, 2006

25th Wedding Anniversary... Surprise!!

Mom and Dad before they went out to eat with Mr. and Mrs. Eddy...

Mom and Dad after they got back and found a house full of unexpected people greeting them with...SURPRISE!!!

Mom and her twin sister Carmen.

Much thanks to the Eddy's for setting up a hay ride for our whole family to enjoy. Though you can't quite see it, the sign on the back of the wagon said, JUST MARRIED, 25 Years Ago!

Mr. Eddy and the faithful old Farmall.

A picture taken with Barb Shimmel, the one who through the guidience of the Lord intoduced my parents to each other.

The Beautifully replicated wedding cake.

Besides the beautiful wedding cake, there were also many other desserts to taste, including a 'to die for' chocolate cake, brownies, spiced nuts and pie.

Dad reading the poem that Charity wrote for their Anniversary.



25 Years of Love

The final plan was in Your Hand
Each thread was on the Loom.
You were the Guide who led this bride
To meet her future Groom.

A mutual friend arranged the end
Though only as Your tool.
He served the Lord and worked at Ford
She taught in Christian school.

The questions flew, excitement grew
Each thought "Is this the one?"
God's hand was seen, but could it mean
Their search was finally done?

Each anxious care was brought in prayer
Before the Father's throne.
Till one day he was sure that she
Was meant to be his own.

The day was set, the deadlines met,
Each final task was done.
They came to hear, from far and near,
On 9-5-81.

So vows were made and prayers were prayed
And blessings giv'n from all.
Thus life began as wife and man
For Cathy and for Paul.

The years flew by, a baby's cry
Each day brought something new.
This blessing sweet would oft repeat
Their little "garden" grew.

Now seven hearts each have their part
As time has turned the page.
Their laughter rings and joy they bring
To parents as they age.

Full twenty years of love and tears
These faithful two did see.
Now five more come to make the sum
A quarter century.

God's sovereign plan for wife and man
Each year unfolds anew.
As one they grow and seek to know
His perfect will to do.

Together they will watch and pray
seeking to run the race.
And one day sing before their King
Of His Amazing Grace.

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Margee said...

What a wonderful post to share. I can see that Charity has inherited her father's gift with words. I loved everything about this event that was shared on-line and am glad for the opportunity to send my congratulations to Paul and Cathy. As usual, the photography is top rate and captures the joy and wonder of the event. God's continured blessings on you all, Margee