Thursday, October 05, 2006

Growing Connections 2006 Organic Harvest Festival

Saturday morning, through a drizzling rain accompanied by chilling winds Dad, Charity, Christianna and Grace headed over to Davisburg where an organic festival was taking place. Though the weather was not the most desirable for such an occasion, thankfully most of the exhibits were inside two enormous barns with only a few small tent covered booths outside, including the one that the following pictures show. Over all, it was a very enjoyable time, made even more pleasant by being able to see and catch up with some of our family friends! Though at times it can been hard to find organic foods and the prices are always high, being able to attend this festival was such a blessing to our family (especially Charity) and we thank God for allowing us to find out about this and for supplying our needs in this area of wholesome food!

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