Monday, November 15, 2010

The attack of the Cabbages

Once upon a time there was an attack of rotting cabbages upon the peaceful valley of Lily Spring. All the inhabitants were terror stricken and did not know what to do, but cowered inside, quivering in fear, till one young lass recovered her senses enough to suggest that they call upon the great warrior; Don Josiah. He had fought many a battle in his days, and had such courage, he would even take on the horde of cabbages. So the great Don came and telling the people to "never fear!!!" he headed out into the barrage of cabbages with his machete in his hand and began to destroy them!

With a ferocity fearful to see he chopped at the cabbages with stunning accuracy. The enemy began to pile at his feet as he slashed this way and that way.

Not a single assailant was allowed to escape.

When the assault ceased, Don Josiah walked among his fallen enemies making sure they were all destroyed. Then in humble triumph he returned to the valley people and announced that they were once again free to play and work outside in their glorious valley of Lily Spring.

As conquering hero's are apt to do, Don Josiah departed among the cheers of the villagers leaving the lasses to clean up after his exploit.
(this is an embellished and elaborate account of a true happening)


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