Monday, November 08, 2010

Bocce Ball

This last Wednesday, if you had been looking for us you would have found our entire family, at the famous Palazzo di Bocce, a beautiful and fancy Italian restaurant with bocce courts.

(no I did not take this photo, and do not know to whom the credit belongs, and all of the rest of the pictures were taken by Grace and therefore the credit belongs to her:)

Our friend Mr. Ostrander, who goes to our church, plays on a league there and invited us all out for a treat.

Now if you have never played the game here is a brief overview of how it goes. First you divide yourselves into two teams, and half of each team goes down to the other end of the court. Then the team who starts takes the small ball called the pallino and tosses it down the court.

Then (in an order which I will not take the time to explain now) the teams throw down their balls each trying to control their ball and get it as close to the pallino as possible.

The team who gets their balls closest to the pallino gets a point. It was a great game, for even the littlest ones could play, and sometime they were even better at it, for us adults with muscles had a hard time keeping our balls from flying across the court with great force and not even getting close to the pallino.

Thank you so much Ostranders for providing such a fun afternoon for us. Our whole family enjoyed it to the point that we are contemplating going again and taking some friends. If you all have never played Bocce, I suggest you try it. It really is quite easy..... once you know how.


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