Saturday, December 25, 2010


A couple of weeks ago Faith spent some time down in Dearborn with our friends the Kinne family. One of the reasons for this visit, was that the Kinne's dog Halle was due with puppies, and Faith is Halle's midwife=). So after a week long tortuous wait where Halle came into false labor every night, the puppies came, all 12 of them!! Two were stillborn but the other ten were healthy and wriggly and hungry.

So when Josiah Dad and I went down to pick up Faith, we just had to spend some time with the darling little bundles of new life.

Halle is a very sweet mother and lets anyone pick up her puppies and hold them.

This tiny pup was so comfortable in Gideons arms that he just went and fell plump asleep.

Of course since their eyes were closed it was kind of hard to tell when they were sleeping anyways! They had the cutest tongues though and would stick them in and out when they were hungry.

This little puppy that I am holding was one that they thought was not going to make it, but after lots of prayers and help from Faith and the children she is now quite healthy and very cute!

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