Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The long overdue graduation program

Christianna Hope Sauvé, finished her Homeschool-High school education last June but due to many distracting activities in 2010, including Grandma Learned's passing, Joshua's graduation from National Guard training, and John's wedding, we forgot to officially recognize her graduation. Thus, we finally made an effort with family and a few friends to acknowledge her accomplishments via a brief program in mid- January, 2011.

Many of her drawings, school reports, creative writing and pictures of programs she participated in over the years were spread out on the tables for all to enjoy.

After a brief introduction and prayer by Dad, Cathy (Mom) gave an account of Christianna's academic and homemaking achievements, which included reciting poetry, acting in historical plays, making posters and displays for history and science programs, playing the piano and harp, and learning to cook, sew and knit. (The beautiful dress she was wearing was evidence of her sewing skills.)

Christianna shared some of her musical talents. She played "Abide with me" on her harp.

She also performed a piece by Phil Coulter on the piano.

She recited two poems as her audience listened intently; "My Shadow," which she had recited when she was 5, and "The Last Hymn," which was the last poem she learned.

At the end, Dad & Mom presented her with her diploma which said she had officially graduated from the Sauvé Christian Academy.

We then all enjoyed a piece of her graduation cake, ice cream and hot punch.

We are very thankful to God for Christianna, her love for the Lord and for the things He has enabled her to accomplish.


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Hi Christianna! This is KatySue(aka your penpal!) Your dress is amazing, I can't beleive you made it only 5 days! Congrats on graduating!

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thank you very much! ~Christianna

Joel said...

Congratulations to Christianna! :) I'm glad you all were finally able to have a special celebration.