Monday, February 21, 2011

The Return of the Snow

We all knew that the warm spell (see previous post) could not last, but still deep down in our hearts I think we were all hoping that it would, even when we knew that it shouldn't. But God knows best and thankfully He controls the weather not us, so just when we were all getting used to the idea of spring, He sent along a doozy of a snow storm to wake us out of our fancies.

The snow came down steadily all Sunday afternoon and by the time of our awakening on Monday morning eight inches of fresh snow was laid on the ground.

Our faithful snow team was out bright and early clearing the driveway so Josh could go to work, but there was so much snow that they were still working hard at it long after Josh departed.

We are very thankful for our sturdy little tractor. He plows our snow in the winter and cuts our grass (or more accurately, dandelions) in the summer.

After lunch, Josiah and I headed out back to see what we could see, and were pleasantly surprised at all the unique sights that the wet snow had helped to create. It had landed on the reeds making them look like they were wearing funny little top hats.

When we had finished admiring the stream we both headed back to the glade. Josiah rushed on ahead of me but I thought nothing of it and continued on my blissful way taking pictures and suspecting nothing.

So imagine my surprise and disgust, when as I walked into the glade a huge pile of snow dropped from its resting place and landed directly on my head. Upon looking up I saw this naughty little boy in high glee shaking branches above my head. My goodness!!!

Josiah, after getting down from the tree, let me in on the secret of how to create your very own snow blizzard.

First find yourself a nice pile of snow, and begin to toss the snow around in a frantic manner. Make sure you do this for some length of time and with enough ferocity.

Soon you will look, to any observers, some what like the above picture. In short, nearly invisible. Your Homemade blizzard is now complete, but just a warning to those inclined to "give it a try". After it is all said and done......

You will probably look a little bit like this.=)


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