Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Valentine Tea Party

Happy belated Valentines Day everyone!!

This year I hosted a tea party for some young ladies on Valentine's Day. Two years ago we had an impromptu tea party with some of the same friends around Valentine's Day as well and as they were so much enjoyed then, we did some of the same crafts this time with added flourish.

After all the ladies had arrived, we gathered in the family room and began to create some beautiful beeswax candles.

The girls different interests and characters showed through in there candle making and provided an abundant variety of designs.

The next craft we moved onto also related to candles. We made rose candle holders for our just created beeswax candles.

We each took a small glass candle holder and picked out the colors of rose petals that we wanted and then with the help of the official hot glue gun user (Faith) we glued the selected petals onto the bottom of the candle holder.

They turned out so beautiful and the ladies were so creative. Some made more than one holder to pair with their multiple candles.

Once we were finished we had quite a little garden of rose candles of all colors grouped on the table.

Our crafts finished we began our afternoon tea, which besides tea of course included all sorts of dainty refreshments.

Almost all the snacks had a valentines theme of some short. In fact we quite shocked Josiah by cutting even the cheese in heart shapes!!;)

Then of course there was the miscellaneous assortment of accompanying cookies to be eaten with our delicious tea.

The crowning delectable dessert on the table however was a stunning chocolate peppermint torte, which according to all the ladies (and gentlemen) tasted just as "sweet" as it looks.

After tea we played a most amusing game, with the quaint name, "Biographical Nonsense". It was immensely funny and we all enjoyed it very much.

We are very thankful for the sweet young ladies that we are proud to call our friends, and we pray that God will bless them and help us all to become women who do everything for His glory!


PS. Thanks to Grace for the majority of the beautiful pictures.

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