Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Congratulations are in order!!!

Josh spent yesterday afternoon in feverish preparation, for that evening he was heading out to propose to Miss Theresa Eddy.

Armed with flowers and very handsome in his uniform, he headed out around 5 o clock. He and Theresa's father and brother had planned an elaborate scheme of how they were to surprise her.

A little over a half hour after his departure we received the call. "She said Yes!!!"

We are very thankful to the LORD for Josh, and pray that He might lead and guide both Joshua and Theresa in the coming days!



Mieczkowski Family said...

Congrats Josh! How exciting! May the Lord bless your new family!

The DeL Sisters said...

Oh wonderful Congratulations Teresa and Josh!
May the Lord bless you both!


Madelyn said...
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Madelyn said...

Congratulations Josh! May the Lord's Blessings be upon you and Teresa!