Friday, March 11, 2011

Four new Ducklings!!!

You see, it is Chick days at our local TSC, and one day Faith and I needed to stop in for something, but we couldn't keep away from the chick and duckling section. To our surprise all the chicks were gone and the only remaining creatures were about 2 dozen adorable ducklings. Then a worker came by and told us that they were only 50 cents each!! That was it, pretty soon Faith and I walked out with four Fawn and White Indian Runner ducklings in a box. They are absolutely adorable and since I am planning on maybe selling them once they grow, I gave them the simplest names I could think of.

This is Uno. (sorry about the fuzzy picture but ducklings don't hold still very well=)

Dos, is the biggest duckling with quite a dark marking on his head.

And here is Tres, a very noisy little duckling.

Last but not least is Cuatro, the littlest duck with the cutest personalty.

Being already a week old, they absolutely loved swimming in the sink and they dove and splashed like professionals!

We are very happy to have these new additions to our family, and as Faith said "I have always wanted to impulsively buy an animal!"=)


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Anonymous said...

I love that duck's bill! :-)