Monday, March 07, 2011

Subtraction and Additions to our Animal Family.

Ever since Beatrix, my duck hen, died last summer, I have been on the search for another Welsh Harlequin hen for Mr. Dick. Of course you all know of my buying of Tommy Traddles and his being a drake instead of a hen. So when I saw an opportunity to purchase two WH hens I knew that it was time (despite how much I liked him) to sell Mr. Tommy Traddles.

God was very good, and I found a wonderful home for Tommy. He waved goodbye on Thursday and left Mr. Dick for good.

So for two days Mr. Dick was without any companion, and so I spoiled him, by bringing him in the house, and giving him baths in the our bathtub. =)

Finally on Saturday afternoon I headed out to pick up two ducks for my beloved Dick. They are very beautiful and I love them very much already. Emma is the Silver phase of Welsh Harlequin (like Dick) and very steady and sweet. Dora is a darling little Gold Welsh Harlequin who hasn't quite grown up yet.

Though Dick was a bit scared of them at first (we all know how intimidating girls can be;) he soon warmed up and they all immensely enjoyed their bath on Sunday afternoon.

I believe the only thing that delighted them more, was the preening party that they held afterward!

Beside the fact that they are so cute, they also are very useful ducks. Both this morning and yesterday morning, I found one beautiful duck egg in the coop! I am very thankful for my ducks, and love to show them off, if anyone would like to drop by and see them. =)


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